8 Sep

What Types Of Conditions Does A Chiropodist Treat?

Mississauga chiropodistA chiropodist, also known as a podiatrist is an individual responsible for diagnosing and treating conditions that affect the legs and feet. They work with people in any age group, but often treat elderly patients to help them remain independent by keeping them mobile. This article describes some of the conditions chiropodists can assist with.

Arthritis can be a debilitating ailment when it’s not treated properly. It not only affects the hands, but can also affect the lower limbs, making walking and other activities difficult if not impossible. A chiropodist can assess the severity of an individual’s arthritis, and help them to treat and manage it better, so they can do more things that they enjoy.

People who suffer from diabetes often have problems with their lower limbs. One of the symptoms of diabetes is circulation problems, which causes numbness in the feet making mobility difficult. A Mississauga chiropodist will work with diabetes sufferers to help them improve this problem, and may need to assess whether or not an amputation is necessary.

Children who have problems walking, whether from injury or from complications resulting from premature birth may be seen by a chiropodist. They will monitor how a child’s limbs are working as the child grows. They will help try to make walking normal and may also recommend surgery at some stage in the child’s life to correct a mobility problem.

They can also help people who simply want advice about how to best care for their feet. They may want to know what type of footwear would be best for work or exercise. They may also want advice on how to care for their feet and toenails.

Chiropodists treat a variety of foot problems, from those related to arthritis and diabetes to injuries and other abnormalities that affect mobility. They can also help people who have general questions about how to best take care of their feet. If you’ve been suffering with mobility problems, consider seeking the care of a licensed chiropodist today.